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Gaffney Family Crematory

Years ago it became evident to us that to best serve our client families choosing cremation, we had to be involved in every step of the process. That meant owning and operating the crematory in addition to all the steps we currently performed. And thanks to the wise decision making by Larry and Ellen Gaffney, the Gaffney family now owned the crematory as well.

This allows better service to families choosing cremation for many factors. As told to us by clients we have previously served, to the right you will find reasons why the Gaffney Family Crematory matters.

The Gaffney Family Crematory

Controlling the schedule for cremation means that we can accomplish in hours what other firms take days to do.

Gaffney’s high standards are visible in everything we do, especially for cremation. You can be sure your loved one is treated with the care and respect they deserve from all of our crematory professionals.

All crematory professionals are certified by the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) to perform cremation duties. These high standards are manifested in our Cremation Code of Ethics, signed by each and every employee of Gaffney.

Many of our funeral directors spent years of their career performing cremations at the Gaffney Family Crematory. Our literal hands on experience with cremation means we care for you best.

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